Donor Egg Stories

Every day we receive letters, emails and hear stories from those who have been helped through the generosity of an egg donor. As well as those who have experienced the joy of being an egg donor themselves. Here are just a few.

More joy than I could have ever hoped for……
“I always knew that I wanted to be a mother. For me, experiencing the entire journey beginning with the pregnancy was an important step in starting a family. I was so devastated to learn that having a child without medical help was not a possibility. After initial fertility treatments did not work, I went through months of soul searching, boxes of tissues and countless conversations with the staff at UCONN, and other moms who had egg providers before my husband and I ultimately decided to go ahead with that route. It was still a leap of faith. I was elated and petrified when I actually got pregnant, and I savored every moment of that miraculous pregnancy. As corny as it sounds, my dreams came true when I gave birth. I am now a mom! I still can’t believe how blessed I am. I thank god every day for the egg donor, my doctor, and the nurses at UCONN. When I think back to the anguish I put myself through, and the emotional venting I did with the nurses at UCONN before we ultimately made our decision, I have to just smile. I wish I knew then about the happiness I have now. I am so grateful they put up with me! The end result was more joy than I could have ever hoped for.”

Earth Angels creating Miracles everyday….
“I don’t have words to express my deepest gratitude to the wonderful team of Doctors and Nurses at The Center, in Farmington. I first met with Susan on the phone and in person when I elected to be a known Egg Donor for a beautiful couple back in November. I was brought in without the couple, just for a one on one with Susan to talk of what entails to be an egg donor. I have to be honest, it was a lot more involved than I ever imagined. However, my nerves were put at ease and all my questions asked were answered confidently. I went through a series of tests. After I “passed” all tests, I was turned over to You, Candy. From the first time I met you I instantly felt as if I wasn’t just a “donor”. I was treated like I was family and you were by my side through everything. Meeting me every morning for my blood work and staying by my side through ultrasounds. You made this experience flawless and effortless. You had recommendations to keep me more comfortable through the entire process. You cared about me and the outcome of this procedure not only as a nurse but also as a friend. If I had questions, I knew I could call you anytime and you would be available. You offered me your home number to call you after hours. It made YOU feels better to offer your home number to me. That made me realize that this is merely not just your job, it is your heart, your soul’s path. It is your heart’s desire to answer the prayer of couples longing to have a child. You made me feel special, important and well taken care of.

Every woman or man I met at The Center were all on the same team and seemed to all have the same beautiful characteristics. You all are meant to be there, you all want to answer prayers and create the miracle of life. But you not only strive to support the couples but the donors as well. I can’t thank you all enough for educating me and supporting me for a flawless procedure!

Many Blessings to all of you! You are all Earth Angels creating Miracles everyday!”

Thanks for helping us fulfill our dreams……

I’m a MOM….I gave birth to two amazing children! My journey with the UCONN team started after suffering several pregnancy loses. We needed help, so we turned to Dr. Benadiva for his expertise, guidance and our options. After several trials and tests, we decided on the donor egg program. The prospective donor profiles were amazing. We found a gracious donor that “matched” our “list” and we proceeded with the process. Miraculously we were successful with our first donor cycle….and 15 months later successful with our second cycle! We are now the proud parents of two precious children. We are thankful to GOD and to UCONN for helping us fulfill our dreams.

We did it twice!!

We wanted to say thank you for taking such terrific care of us throughout our time with you  (both times) .  You made our experience smooth and positive. No wonder The Center  carries such a solid reputation.