Our Donor Recipients

Being a egg donor can be a life-changing experience. Through your generosity, you can help make the dreams of becoming parents a reality for those struggling with infertility. Our donor recipients are looking for the opportunity to create their own family and fulfill their own dreams. Your egg donation is an incredibly generous and thoughtful way to help.

Turning Hope Into Reality
Many of those who turn to egg donation have been struggling with infertility for some time. Most often, donor eggs are used by women in their late 30s or 40s who are attempting to become pregnant. We also treat unmarried women who are trying to become pregnant without a male partner and who require donor sperm as well as donor eggs. Plus, we assist LGBTQ couples achieve their goals of becoming parents through our family building program.

Maintaining Confidentiality
We assure you that our team provides thorough screening of all donors and preserves the confidentiality and anonymity of both the donor and recipient. We protect both your identities and both must also agree not to seek identifying information concerning each other.